–via nevadaappeal.com

Carson City Supervisor Lori Bagwell announced today she’s running for reelection in 2018.

The Ward 3 supervisor said she wants to continue her work to ensure the city has smart growth and sound fiscal policy.

“It has been an honor and a joy to serve the citizens of Carson City. Together we have accomplished a lot in the past three years, but we are not done. I hope that my work as a member of your Board of Supervisors has earned your trust and support for the next term,” said Bagwell. “I entered my first term desiring to support sensible growth while treasuring our past. We have diligently pursued an environment that encourages business opportunities and job growth. The unemployment rate is down and we have turned the corner from the recession.”

Among her accomplishments, Bagwell cited finding $370,000 in budget savings to put to roads maintenance, spearheading the Richards Crossing project, now a residence for veterans and other homeless citizens, and working with Supervisor Karen Abowd to reduce downtown blight.

Bagwell also worked to find savings through bond refinancing, including $585,669 saved in refinancing the Highway Revenue Bond.

The supervisor said there was more to be done in another term.

“Along with ensuring that growth complies with the growth management plan, I want to continue to move Carson City’s government into the 21st century,” said Bagwell. “There are too many old laws on the books that need to be repealed and/or updated such as the health and zoning codes.”

Bagwell worked as an auditor and tax administrator for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety, a management analyst for the Division of Child and Family Services, a budget analyst for the Department of Administration and retired as the deputy director of the Department of Corrections.

Both Ward 1 and 3 supervisors’ are up for election this year. Abowd, Ward 1 supervisor, announced late last year she wouldn’t seek reelection and soon after Stacey Giomi, former Carson City fire chief, announced he would be running for Ward 1. No other candidate has announced for either Ward 1 or 3.

Supervisors serve from one of four wards, but are voted on by all voters.