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Why Lori supports ribbon cuttings

Lori loves to participate in new business ribbon cuttings. Many businesses in town support our local nonprofits and youth organizations. And Lori along with Mayor Bob Crowell wanted to thank Movement Mortgage for opening a location in Carson City and supporting the Boy Scouts.

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Carson City’s new voting machines simple to use

--via Carson City's voting equipment is going back to the future. The Clerk-Recorders Office is holding an open house on Thursday to unveil the new gear and show voters how to use it. "The simplicity of this is unbelievable," said Sue Merriwether, clerk-recorder, last [...]

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Housing shortage a leading issue for Carson City

--via Carson City officials expect to take on a range of complex issues in 2018. A new waste management contract is on the horizon and could change how the city recycles. A new formula for stormwater rates is being considered to more equitably distribute [...]

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Carson City property tax rate to stay same

--via The Board of Supervisors voted to maintain Carson City's current property tax rate and discussed ways to spend additional revenue expected in the coming fiscal year. The city needs to submit its property tax rate to the Department of Taxation by Feb. 22 [...]

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Changes in Carson City health inspections a step closer

--via Carson City took a step closer to changing its restaurant inspection process. The Board of Health, comprised of the Board of Supervisors, Dr. Susan Pintar and Sheriff Kenny Furlong, recommended code amendments be referred to the supervisors on Thursday. Carson City Health and [...]

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Carson City budget augmented by $38.2 million

--via Carson City's 2017-2018 fiscal year budget was augmented by $38.2 million by the Board of Supervisors on Thursday. The increase was due primarily to carryover of program costs from the prior years' budget, and additional revenue, said Jason Link, chief financial officer. The [...]

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Carson City Utility Finance Oversight Committee receives update on major water, sewer and stormwater initiatives

--via The Utility Finance Oversight Committee received an update on some of Carson City's major water, sewer and stormwater initiatives on Monday. A program to help low-income homeowners with their water bills may be ready to implement in July, after an ordinance establishing the [...]

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